Introducing The World's First Single-Use Vital Sign Biosensor

LifeSignals 2A Biosensor

Core Vital Sign Analysis in Real-Time

The LifeSignals 2A Biosensor is the game-changing product that enables next generation, wireless, clinical-grade patient monitoring both in hospitals and at home. Able to record SpO2, 2-channel ECG, and other essential biodata for up to seven days, the wearable biosensor can be incorporated into hospital monitoring and remote monitoring solutions.

The world’s first disposable, wireless, multi-parameter wearable biosensor with SpO2.

Parameters and Features

Design Specifications

LifeSignals 2A Biosensor

Coming Soon

Regulatory Compliance Across Regions

Currently not available for sale in the United States or Europe. Please consult your sales representative for local market clearance and availability.

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