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Life Signal Processor

The Life Signal Processor, or LSP, is the only low-cost, ultra-high reliability wireless system-on-chip (SoC) platform for mission critical life sensor patches and IoT nodes.

From Concept to Working Samples for Nodes/Patches in 100 Days

LifeSignals helps you bring your product concept to life quickly and efficiently. Our LSP-based subsystems can be rapidly designed to meet OEM-specific needs, with programmable on-chip application processors for controlling radios and sensor interfaces, and for implementing desired sensor data algorithms.

Advanced software development tools and APIs are available to guide OEMs through various stages of design to production. Our baseline reference designs for nodes and receiver devices help jump-start OEM designs. And our strategic partners, each with deep experience in LSP technology, have the resources and expertise to help you create analytics, complete systems and manufacturing services for production.

Reliable, Wireless Multi-Parameter Sensors

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Total Integration On
a Single Chip

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End-to-End Solution for Health, Wellness and IoT

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Wireless Monitoring with the Performance and Reliability of Wired Devices

Our high performance, low-power LSP silicon platform makes it possible for you to innovate beyond conventional systems. So you can wirelessly connect life and vital signals to the cloud for health, wellness and many other applications.


Meters untethered range with wired reliability


Days of continuous operation on a Zn-Air coin battery


LifeSignal patents currently established

The Life Signals Solution

The only wireless chipset solution for connecting life signals to the cloud.

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Wireless Chipset

Single, low energy consumption, wireless chipset with wired-class reliability

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Integrated Sensors

Small form factor, lightweight, low power and disposable

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Reliable sensor data collection and integration

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Development Tools

A SDK, reference designs and tools to accelerate your product development

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Complete Solution for Health, Wellness and IoT

Get exactly what you need without compromises. We offer comprehensive technologies, reference product designs, manufacturing resources and tools to help you turn your concept into product.

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