Transforming How We Capture and Deliver The Signals of Life

Our Vision

We see a world of untethered healthcare driven by wireless biosensors and a developer-friendly software platform coupled to AI-driven smart analytics.

We have worked relentlessly for years to produce a family of medically-actionable wearable biosensors and a software platform, to enable our vision of granting healthcare monitoring access to everyone around the globe, regardless of economic status or proximity to hospitals.

A Product Road Map Built On Foundational Technology


2-channel ECG and vital signs incorporated into a single biosensor.

Robust Wireless

Our Wi-Fi-centric radio, supported by other radios, maintains a reliable connection for multiple patients in close proximity.

& Cost-Effective

Our single-use biosensors are cost-efficient due to our single-chip solution designed to be produced in billions.

& Secure

Robust Wi-Fi radio encryption with HIPAA and GDPR compliant cloud data transfer.

Wearable Biosensors

Our range of clinical-grade wearable biosensors are designed to serve multiple use cases. By leveraging our LSP silicon platform, we will continue to expand our offerings as the boundaries of wireless healthcare broaden.

We're Healthcare Innovators With Technological Expertise