ECG Multi-Parameter Wireless Monitoring For Up to 5 Days

LifeSignals 1AXe and 1AX Biosensor

A Wearable Biosensor Without Boundaries

LifeSignals 1AX Biosensor is a next generation clinical-grade device that records 2-channel ECG, respiration rate, heart rate and temperature. Designed for multi-parameter patient monitoring both in-hospital and home environments, the wearable biosensor also records patient body posture and has a built-in accelerometer. It’s the world’s first disposable, multi-parameter, wireless system wearable biosensor. 

The 1AX can be integrated into partner applications or utilized with the LifeSignals end-to-end platform.

Parameters and Features

A Wireless Clinical-Grade Patient Monitoring Solution

Water Resistant

Completely Untethered

High Comfort Design

One-Time Use

Water Resistant

Completely Untethered

High Comfort Design

One-Time Use

A Wireless Clinical-Grade Patient Monitoring Solution

Design Specifications


  • IEEE 802.11b
  • WPA2 – PSK/ CCMP security
  • Up to 5 meter service range


  • 2 channels
  • 244.14 and 976.56 samples per second
  • 16 bit resolution
  • 0.2 – 40 Hz and 0.05 – 150 Hz frequency response
  • Patient activated event recorder

Additional Features

  • Heart rate 30-250 bpm
  • Skin temperature 29°C to 43 °C (minimum) range
  • Respiration rate 5-60 breaths per minute range
  • Accelerometer 3-axis (digital), posture status


  • Lithium-Manganese dioxide (Li-MnO2)
  • Up to 5 days battery life
  • Defibrillation-proof type of
    CF applied part

Biosensor Specs

  • 105 mm x 94 mm x 12 mm
  • 28g weight
  • IP24 ingress protection
  • Splash Proof
  • Memory cache up to 5 days

Regulatory Compliance Across Regions

United States, India, Europe, United Kingdom, Philippines, Singapore

Please consult your sales representative for local market clearance and availability.


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